Altar Guild: To provide and keep linen clean for the altar.

Church School: To instruct people in the good news of Jesus Christ.

Class Leaders: To keep in touch with all the members and report to the Official Board.

M.M. Lewis Angelic Choir: To provide contemporary, inspirational music to enhance the worship service.

Mary Ellen Lewis Missionary: To assist those in need.

Planning Council: To plan the church calendar of events for the year.

Senior Choir: To provide choral music to enhance the worship service.

Social Service: To help those in need by assisting in whatever matter necessary. Providing repast for funeral service.

Stewards: To assist the pastor, to develop and maintain the spiritual integrity of the church.

Stewardesses: To assist the stewards.

Trustee Board: Manage all temporal concerns of the church not otherwise provided for, shall guard all real estate, building, grounds, equipment and all possessions. Make improvements when authorized to do so.

Usher Board: To be doorkeepers in the house of the Lord as a senior, senior or young adult usher.

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Male Chorus

Ministry Leaders

Altar Guild – Phyllis McDaniel

Angelic Choir – Clematis Monroe

Class Leaders – Gerald Moore

Computer Class – Bradley Woodson

Drama Ministry – Beverly Abel

Hospitality – Deborah Hill

Karate – Rev. Judson Sumbler

Men’s Chorus Concert – Gerald Moore

Men’s Ministry – Gerald Moore

Nursery/Youth – Beverly Abel

Senior Choir – Ethel Nichols

Stewards – Minister Lorenzo Biggs

Street Evangelism – Gerald Wilson

Trustee – Bradley Woodson

VBS – Cynthia Thompson

Women’s Ministry – Christine Johnson